Founder of Rossware Computing honored with UASA 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award

May 15, 2024
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The United Appliance Service Association honors Rossware founder and creator of ServiceDesk, Glade Ross, with the 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Born from a need to improve efficiencies within his own appliance repair business, Glade created ServiceDesk to manage a variety of workflows including dispatching, accounting, and parts inventory management. With the success of ServiceDesk in his own business, Glade turned his attention to making his powerful software available to all the appliance service industry. He was soon able to sell his appliance business and devote his attention to Rossware full-time.

L to R: Kenton Mattos, Karie Sevigny, Glade Ross, Alex Ross, Jason Ross (Photo: ASTI 2024)

Taking input from clients and industry partners, he was able to make additions and changes to the software that cemented it as a trusted management solution for appliance repair businesses. Adding staff to the operation allowed Glade to broaden the program's scope to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry. Glade grew to be a trusted mentor and industry partner. His software has contributed to the success of many businesses like the one he started all those years ago.

Since retiring, he has pursued passions left on the back burner for so many years including golfing, skiing, sailing, and flying. He also has time to spend with his family, including his granddaughter who brings much joy into his life.

Congratulations to Glade Ross as the recipient of the UASA 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award.

L to R: Laura Ross, Glade Ross, Alex Ross, Jason Ross (Photo: ASTI 2024)