Better SmartParts Pricing -- Especially for Canadians

Our SmartParts lookup system (as present within ServiceDesk and as a stand-alone program) has long had a feature where you can load in pricing that's particular to a specific participating parts vendor.  We've invited virtually all the vendors to participate, but to date only Reliable Appliance Parts has done so.  Thus (and, in present effect) you can load in pricing specific to Reliable (this is opposed to the more generic pricing that is otherwise offered).

This Reliable-pricing feature was enhanced more than a year ago when we added an option to add in Reliable-specific pricing for Canada, as opposed to the U.S.

Within SD-Mobile, we offer a selected portion of the SmartParts lookup database.  It's applicable when you're typing a partnumber in either of the special-order boxes on the PVR page.  It has lacked the Reliable-specific option that exists in ServiceDesk and in the stand-alone version of SmartParts.  In other words, it offers the generic underlying price-points only (to be very clear, these are foundational prices; your own applicable markup scheme has always been allowed, regardless, to vary therefrom).

A number of Canadian users, in particular, have wanted to have Reliable/Canada-specific pricing in the Mobile context.  That (along with Reliable-US pricing, if optionally desired) is what is now offered.

To make it effective, all you must do is, from within ServiceDesk and via the same user window that's running the SD-MobileLink program, go to the SmartParts lookup screen (Alt-F10).  Open it's About form by clicking on the little information symbol in the toolbar:

clicking on thisopens this

In that About form, open the dropdown to select your desired source for distributor-specific pricing:

That's all you must do.  The SD-MobileLink program will see the setting you've just created (again, it must be as applicable to the same user window where that SD-MobileLink is running), and will upload it to the server where your techs' instances of SD-Mobile will see it, and thereby be informed as to which version of pricing they should be using.  We've done all the other, behind-the-scenes work.