New Auto-Link-Connected Online Lookups

For a long time the Mobile interface has had a series of easy-click links to helpful online venues.

Among these, there has long been an Alt/Right-Click function, on any PartNumber box within the PVR page, by which you may link instantly to a MyPartsHelp query on the targeted PartNumber.  That function has now been augmented to allow, additionally, direct-linked inquiries to RepairClinic.com and/or SearsPartsDirect.com:

Somewhat similarly (though with the distinction that here our search is based on model, and we're seeking a parts-lookup page for that model), we have for some time had a Ctrl/Right-Click function which, when invoked on the ModelNumber box in the UIS section of the PVR page, takes you to RepairClinic.com for its model lookup.  With this release, we augment that function to take you, as an added option, to the SearsPartsDirect.com model lookup:

Please notice we have changed the command for this context from Ctrl/Right-Click to Alt/Right-Click.  The reason is to maintain consistency with its counterpart function (for specific/particular-item parts lookups) as triggered from within the PartNumber boxes.

Miscellaneous Fixes

Discovered the time-of-last-technician-connect function (which allows folks in the office to see, within the DispatchMap, when you last had a good, data-moving connection) had not been well re-implemented with our conversion to the 2.x series.  Totally re-worked and optimized that implementation so that, now, office personnel should see excellent last-connect times.

Discovered the PVR-Enforcer mechanism had been totally broken with our conversion to the 2.x series.  Repaired and very much re-worked this system.   While so doing, also discovered the original design had a significant loophole through which a scofflaw technician could pass.  If he never "checked-in" (clicked on the "I've Arrived" button) on the first of his jobs, the entire enforcement mechanism was never triggered for that day.  This loophole has been patched.  Additionally, there is a new check (so long the enforcer is generally turned on from within SD-MobileLink).   When the tech does his first "check-in" on any job, the system checks to assure it is indeed his first job, and interdicts if not.

Discovered and fixed still another 2.x series created flaw.  Turns out PVRs on pseudo appointments were not being correctly coded as pseudo items, with result that MobileLink treated them as standard PVRs.

Finally got to the bottom of an odd symptom where, occasionally, a tech would connect to show us he had all his appointments from yesterday combined with the present day's appointments.  Turns out, this resulted when the tech had began but not complete the PVR process on a job from the prior day.  Mechanisms as connected with warning the tech against closing, in the presence of unsaved PVR work, interfered with the intended shut-down to allow a total refresh before loading the present day's work -- hence the combined set of appointment references.  The symptom is fixed with this release.