New Calc-Retail-On-Basis-of-Cost-and-Markup-Scheme Feature

Almost since its beginning, SD-Mobile has had built-in provision to calculate a retail price, on basis of a part's cost, and applying a markup scheme as specifically-applicable the job, as setup from within ServiceDesk.  However, it's been a thoroughly behind-the-scenes function.  If, for example, you indicate having purchased a part from a local vendor, and indicate the cost, the system will automatically (and behind-the-scenes) apply the appropriate markup formula, to arrive at retail, and will then appropriately-insert that to the correct place within the interface's Print page.

Recently, a user wondered if there was a way he could invoke a deliberate calculation (i.e., direct-provide a cost figure, and directly see what the resulting retail would be on that basis).  It seemed like a good idea, so here is a new button:

If you click on it, there is a simple dialog that will ask you what is the cost basis, and, when it's provided, will indicate the particular scheme as applicable on the job, and what is the resulting retail/sell-for figure that is produced.