Two Immediate Enhancements for Future-Sched Viewer:

The first is one we'd already planned.  In the online viewer, when the tech clicks to see details on a job, there is now a link by which the he may initiate an SD-Mail to an office person, and with text pre-inserted to indicate the applicable job.  The general idea is the tech may be pre-screening his appointments, perhaps realize it would be a good idea to order one or more parts, and use this as basis to inform the office of such need.  Of course, many similar uses might be made.

The second enhancement flows from the fact a client called and asked if we could make it so his techs can see past appointments, as well as future ones.  It seemed reasonable, so we modified our new system to accommodate this.  Now the system will maintain a show of appointments stretching from 30 days past to 30 days forward.  Two caveats:

One, yes this makes it so the expression "Future-Sched Viewer" is a little inapt (since the facility will now equally provide a view into past appointments).  Oh well.

Two, the system only instantiates the online appointments in real time going forward.  That means past appointments only get in there when they are uploaded first as prospective appointments, and then the calendar advances past them.  In consequence, your techs will not see past appointments until after you've been running in this release or forward, and the calendar then advances forward.  Thirty days after your initial running in this release, they should be able to see the full 30 days in arrears.