New . . . Direct Method to Inform Office on Above-1 Needed JobCount for Next Visit

First, a distinction:

If as a technician you use the mechanism in Mobile to create your own return visit, that channel has from its inception had ability by which you may specify that appointment's applicable JobCount value.  For that context JobCount specification has been easy, because you are yourself making the appointment.

Where it's been more difficult is where, typically, you are ordering some parts, and have left it up to the office to make an appointment after the parts arrive.  In this situation, where you contemplate that the return visit will be unusually long, you have needed some method to communicate that back to the office (so they may there account for it, as they're booking your return).  Until now, there has been no programmed method for this (meaning you've had to improvise, perhaps by creating a sticky note to let the office know, for example, or maybe using an SD-Mail, or similar).

This release provides a dedicated method to accommodate the need.  Specifically, we have changed a portion of your PVR page . . .

From This . . .To This (new/added function highlighted):

As you can see, there is new a control where you may now explicitly indicate the JobCount value as needed for your next visit (in particular, a next-visit you are expecting the office to book for you).  When you use this mechanism, it will automatically invoke new and dedicated machinery within ServiceDesk, back at the office, which is designed to automatically assure your return visit has the appropriate JobCount value assigned to it.  

New Drop-Downs, for Type and Make Boxes, as Connected with New Job Creation

Sometimes, when we first make a new feature, we think of it as serving a very obscure need, and do not consider it worth the programming investment as would be involved in equipping it with many bells and whistles.  Alas, as time goes by, we sometimes find the feature is being used much, and folks are demanding significant bells and whistles after all.   Such has been the case with the facility we created, within Mobile's interface, by which you may create a new job.

In particular regard to the present matter, we initially made that interface with simple boxes wherein you were expected to simply type-in the Type and Make of machine involved.  Folks have wanted more.  With this release, those boxes are changed to dropdowns, from which you may simply pick the Type and Make as needed.

Improved Insertions-From-Existing-Job, for New Job Creation

Quite a long while back we added a button in the "Create New Job" interface.  It allows you to insert customer info from the presently-loaded job.  If the new job you want to create is indeed for the same customer, this can make creation much easier.  However, it was not a real-smart insertion.  It blindly inserted both Paying-Party and Location-Party information, just as they existed in the underlying job.  Often, this is not what was wanted.  In many cases, for example, the underling job was setup for warranty pay, and you wanted to create a new one as setup for COD.  Essentially, this release introduces an improvement that allows you such flexibility.  It's part of a dialog that will arise when you do the insertion.