BlueBook Integration Now in Full Release

Three months back we did a beta-release of BlueBook integration, though then without announcement here.  Now, the integration is released in full.

What is the BlueBook?

If you did not know, it is the de-facto "standard" flat-rate pricing guide for appliance service (if you are in another industry, we apologize for the fact this improvement will not interest you).  The BlueBook is superbly designed, thorough, and authoritative.  It is published by Service Company Solutions (SCS), the same people who bring you MyPartsHelp).

Prior to today's full-release, you could not use the BlueBook integration unless you'd been already-subscribed to the BlueBook, prior to about January 1 of this year.  Additionally, the data that you'd be integrating to was not updated for the latest customizations your company might have done in BlueBook rate setup.  With today's release, those restrictions are ended.  The integration is now full and complete.

It is also powerful, and will help make your company significantly more profitable.  Please click here for instructions.