Text in Auto-Sent Emails May Now be Customized

While the SD-CyberOffice system has long offered customization in the text as involved in several auto-sent emails, the Mobile system has not, until now, quite offered the parallel.  This release fixes that.  There are, in fact, two different emails that SD-MobileLink may (depending on circumstances) auto-send to a customer.  Either or both may now be customized, in terms of the text inserted.  

The first item that is newly subject to potential customization is the Survey-Invitation.  This particular email is something of an oddity in that, though its functionality is indeed part of the CyberOffice suite of services, it's in fact the MobileLink program that does the actual sending.  The reason is, mechanically, it simply works out better that way.  

The second item that is newly subject to potential customization is the email that sends your customer an e-ticket (at least the customization will apply to all such emails as sent by the office, as opposed if being sent direct by the tech).  

Instructions on how to do the work for these newly-customizable items is found in the CyberOffice Handbook, on its page 24.  It may seem odd that we've placed instructions there (for how to do customizations on emails as sent by SD-MobileLink), however, we thought it would be easiest for you if all auto-send email customization instructions were in one place.