May Now Indicate Usage of Stocking Part from Location Other than You Own

When we first built SD-Mobile, it was not immediately practical to embrace all potential complications (you have to build simple first, before you are able to later add complications).  Since then, we have repeatedly gone back and added in elements of finesse that were initially passed by.  In spite of a long progression in this regard, there remained one element where, until now, SD-Mobile remained inferior to the Type-2 PVR as provided directly within ServiceDesk.  That is the fact that, from within-ServiceDesk, you are allowed to indicate that an inventory, as used by a tech, was used from a location other than his own stock.

With this release, you can now make the same specification from within SD-Mobile.

Instructions for how (to so differently specify) are contained in the same help/tip document as instructs in how to link for added info on a stocking item:

When you click on that little button, these are the instructions you'll see (those of concern to this topic are yellow-highlighted):

As the instruction states, all you must do for the variation is, when picking a part from the dropdown list to indicate it was used, instead of doing the standard left-click, do a right-click instead.

When you in fact do this action, a dialog will ask you to indicate what was the "other" inventory location from which you obtained the part as used:

When you complete the dialog, the selected item will fill-in for you much as in the standard case, except the part description will be pre-pended with a bracketed reference, which indicates the "other" location used:

When your PVR uploads to the office, SD-MobileLink will there see the varied specification, and on that basis will pull inventory from the "other" location, as opposed to from your own.