Mobile-Ticket Totaling Boxes: Complete Customization of Labels Now Available

When SD-Mobile was first launched, the bottom-right section of a Mobile ticket had boxes labeled like this, and with no other option:

It was not long before a number of users wanted the option for the "Other"-labeled box to be explicitly labeled instead as for a Service Call, so we added this option in SD-MobileLink:

 . . . and, in consequence if you have that box checked, that same section in the Mobile ticket changes to look like this:

(In addition to the label change, ServiceDesk also does something different.  Specifically, when going from the Mobile FinishedForm to auto-populate a SalesJournal entry, it treats any amount that's in this box as an actual service call (i.e., populating to that particular field in the auto-populate), whereas otherwise it would combine any "Other" amount with Labor when doing that auto-populate.)

The ability to change that one label (and only to a particular other label) was, obviously, a tiny allowance for customization.  Recently a user pled for more.  So, we've provided it. 

Specifically, you can change all five labels to whatever you'd like them to be. 

To do so, open any text editor (MS NotePad is a good one) and type each of the five labels you want, as separate lines of text.  Make sure you have precisely five lines.  Save to the \sd\netdata folder on your server, with this precise filename:


(the name is intended as abbreviation from "My-Custom-Box-Titles-For-Mobile-Ticket"). 

When you have done the above, SD-MobileLink will see the file, and know to use your text as labels for the corresponding ticket boxes.  It will also upload the file-information to each of your tech's instances of SD-Mobile itself, so those interfaces will also know to use your substituted text. 

A few matters to note:

  1. If you are setup to use separated GST and PST in Canada, those labels will continue to prevail (and for the two separated boxes) over the single box otherwise normally-labeled as Sales Tax (in other words, whatever is the text in the fourth line of your new file, it will be ignored, because you're getting two boxes that are labeled GST and PST instead). 
  2. The differentiated treatment when ServiceDesk auto-populates a SalesJournal entry will continue on basis of whether you have selected, within SD-MobileLink, the option to have the "Other" box treated as "S.Call" (though your customized labeling will prevail so far as labeling itself is concerned). 
  3. To be effective, this change requires updates of both SD-MobileLink in the office and of SD-Mobile by each tech. 
  4. Your techs in Mobile will not see the difference until the day after you've added the file in your office.