"Leave-Behind" Documents Now Subject to QET-Specific Control

Many service companies have found it is beneficial to have the tech leave the customer with some kind of brochure or flyer, as each job is completed.  These can serve a number of purposes.  There might, for example, be a coupon for future service, tips on machine maintenance or invitation to sign up for a maintenance plan.  For servicers doing Whirlpool warranty service, a leave-behind might consist of a primer that seeks to poise the customer for providing a beneficial review when a survey-inquiry arrives from Whirlpool. 

Whatever the purpose, physical leave-behinds cost money to print, take time away from technician's work as he seeks to provide them, are something of a hassle to keep the technician stocked with, and you never know how reliable the technician will actually be in distributing them.  That is why we've long had provision whereby you can specify an electronic document that will be automatically sent to your customer after a technician's visit. It's done via a box inside the SD-MobileLink interface, where you simply indicate the specification for the document you want to have sent:

The request that recently arose is for ability send leave-behinds that are uniquely configured according to if the job is done for HighVolumnClients (specifically, for clients in connection with which you have QuickEntryTemplate (QET) setups).

Such new ability is what's announced here.

Here is how to set it up. 

Create whatever kind of leave-behind document you wish to employ for any particular QET client, and in any file format you prefer (e.g., .pdf, jpg, etc.).  In fact, you may create different and unique such documents, to be specifically used in connection with each/any of your particular QET-clients (e.g., one to be used in connection with Whirlpool Warranty jobs, another to be used in connection with Warrantech work, etc.).  Save such documents in any location that is accessible to the SD-MobileLink application (the \sd folder on your server or one of its subfolders will likely be ideal).  Then, in the QuickEntryTemplate as applicable to any client whose jobs you want to have a leave-behind go out on, type within its Relevant Documents box the expression "LeaveBehind" followed by a space, and then a complete-path reference to the desired document. 

Here is what then happens. 

When SD-MobileLink processes a tech's PVR with an applicable QET-client as the paying party, and when it's a PVR on which the tech has created a ticket (or work-completion document) to be office-emailed to the consumer, SD-MobileLink will find the designated document and include it as an added attachment in the same ticket-send email that is otherwise going to the consumer. 

Please note this document will not attach if the tech elects (and if you've given him freedom to) direct-send the ticket. The reason is because the machinery that does this attachment exists only within SD-MobileLink. Such machinery does not exist within the SD-Mobile app itself.
Please further note, in absence of a QET leave-behind spec, and if a job is nevertheless attached to a QET, the system will go by what's specified within the SD-MobileLink interface, so far as the leave-behind matter is concerned. At least, that is generally true. If you happened to want leave-behinds to go out generally (and so have specified a general-use leave-behind within that SD-MobileLink interface), but for jobs connected with a particular QET client you want no leave-behind, you may in that client's QET box place the text "LeaveBehind NONE"