Improved Handling of Switch from Landscape to Portrait Modes in Tablet Configuration

When we first built SD-Mobile a few years back, there were no Windows tablets.  While the distinctions between a tablet versus a notebook versus a netbook versus a laptop are not always clear, we think one of the elements that clearly defines a tablet as a tablet is if the screen mode can easily be rotated between landscape and portrait.

Since, in particular, there were no Windows platforms that were doing this when SD-Mobile was first made, we did not at the time make it adapt to a rotating configuration.  In the meantime, of course, Windows Tablets have become prolific, and we have increasingly encountered reports that SD-Mobile does not always well cope with changes in rotation (it can end up off-screen, or suffer other anomalies).

This release fixes that.  Whether you have SD-Mobile maximized or in standard-size format, the rotation from landscape to portrait view, and back again, should now work seamlessly.  

Default to Maximized Mode

We have also learned over the years that many techs like the Mobile interface to display as large as possible.  However, it defaults at its minimum size, and it's kind of a pain to always have to enlarge it.  There is now a new option, to make it always open in max-size mode:

Just pick the option if you want the benefit.