Enhanced SD-Mail

Until now, when a tech wished to create an SD-Mail, there were two limitations:

  1. There was no drop-down or other list to indicate valid recipients.  If the two-letter abbreviation/code that he chose to manually type-in was invalid, there was no policing to fix or even inform him of the fault.  In other words, he had to get it right, and there was nothing to help assure he got it right.
  2. If the tech wanted to make a single email go to multiple recipients, there no provision to do so.  Each email could be addressed to a single recipient only.

Both these issues are addressed in the current set of releases.   When the tech is formulating a new mail to send, and clicks in the Send-To box, a dropdown appears that shows all available send-to targets.  A simple click inserts the appropriate designator.  If he wishes to add others to the send-to list, he simply clicks again.

It is important to update both Mobile and MobileLink to fully and well-harness this improvement.  If you update Mobile alone (and a tech addresses to multiple recipients), handling on the within-office side will somewhat suffer.

There is also a nice little side improvement in this work.  SD-Mails from one tech to another no longer have to filter and be relayed through SD-MobileLink.  These means those emails can move much quicker -- potentially immediately, from one tech to the next.