Links to "How to Replace" Videos on appliancevideo.com

Hopefully you know that, on your PVR page, you can Alt/Rt-Click on a part number to invoke an instant link/search (and as directly associated with that part) to several online resources.

We just added another.

If you did not know, appliancevideo.com has become a rather large site for instructional videos.  They have videos that show, step-by-step, how to replace literally thousands of different parts.  Though it's true the videos are somewhat consumer oriented, they may nevertheless be of great assistance to a technician who does not have advance understanding of the optimal path by which to attack a procedure.  They can save time, and make the tech look more impressive in front of a potentially-watching consumer.

If you forget how to invoke this set of links, there a little button to remind:

When you click it, you'll get this little instruction (we've yellow-highlighted the portion that's relevant to this new feature):

When you actually do the described action, you'll get this set of options (we've yellow-highlighted the one that's presently new):

If you choose the new option, it will open the appliancevideo.com website, with any videos as relevant to the target part number already selected for you.