New, Open Route in Bing Maps

GoogleMaps was a long-loved resource for viewing routes.  However, Google changed its route-viewing interface many months back, and most users have been significantly less happy with the new one.  For a while, you could pick an option to revert back to the GoogleMaps "Classic" view, but even that option was recently taken away.  Many users have been upset, some almost seeming to blame us for the change (honestly, we did not do it; Google is responsible).

Regardless, we discovered Bing Maps has the desired elements that were taken away from GoogleMaps, so, we've made a new link to that resource:

Just click on that button, and you'll see it links you to Bing much like the older and longstanding button (just above the new one) still links you to GoogleMaps.  We think you will like the Bing link better.