Option to Immunize Particular Inventory Locations from Intelligent Pulls

With release of SDML Ver. 2.0.48 (see pertinent entry some distance below) we happily announced that, when pulling items from inventory which the tech indicates he has used, the system will now smartly make the "pull" substantively be reckoned as the particular item in your inventory where, owing to the combination of cost and payer, it maximizes your sell value.  Turns out, a few people manage one or more inventory locations in such manner as to need to avoid the underlying "switcheroos" which the system does to accommodate this.  So, we've made provision whereby, if you are an operation with such need, you may selectively immunize particular inventory locations. 

To harness this immunization option, open any text editor (NotePad is likely an optimum choice) and type the two-letter abbreviation for each location you wish to immunize.  If there is but one such location, simply type its abbreviation.  If you wish to immunize more than one, type the two letter abbreviation of each, separated by the vertical bar symbol.  In other words, do it something like this (where I have listed two locations to immunize):

Save the document as a text-only file to the \sd\netdata folder on your server, under the specific filename "InventoryLocsToImmunizeFromIntelligentPulls.txt".  With this release of SDML and forward, the system will see that file, see any locations you have listed within it, and on such basis will know to refrain from involving any inventory items that are in such locations from the new intelligent-pull gerrymandering. 

Option to Keep Techs from Viewing FutureSched

It's another instance where we invested greatly to make something new that lots of people wanted, and it turns out some folks do not want it.  In this case, it concerns our Future-Sched Viewer, which we proudly rolled out on 10/29 of last year (find entry bearing that date some distance below). 

It seems that some technicians, on being able to see their upcoming appointments, conveniently find themselves able to feel ill on days when they can in-advance see jobs that they do not want to do.  Darned techs! 

Anyway, there is a new option where you can can disable your tech's access to the viewer:

If you are wondering, yes, we do have an intent in the future to provide you with ability to make some of these options particular to individual techs, as opposed to being across-the-board settings.  Watch for that.  It will be coming. 

Button to Open My.Rossware

A lot of people don't even know about this wonderful online resource.  It's designed to be your personal online interface by which to review and manage a plethora of elements associated with your Rossware online systems usage . . . from watching streaming tutorials, reviewing survey-system results, checking on the connection status of techs in SDM and whether PVRs were submitted, reviewing and managing elements of CyberOffice functionality, managing your QuickPics, Robocalling, engaging in Live Chat, setting up Blue Book, accessing Mini-Manuals, voting on project priorities -- and even requesting emergency after-hours support.  All these tools are there.  It's easy enough to get there by typing "my.rossware.net." into the address bar of a web browser.  But, we made an easy button you can use SDML, as well:

If you've not formerly explored my.rossware.net, please check it out.