New Policing Aid: Seeking to Help Techs More Consistently Verify Mod/Ser and/or Take QuickPics:

This feature seeks to assist with two issues. 

One is that some techs do not take seriously the UIS checkbox whose purpose it is to make a self-declaration that they have verified accuracy in any Model and Serial as already attached to the job.  In other words, they just routinely check that box (which is required), but without doing the actual verification.  In consequence wrong data persists, and claims end up being rejected.  Most owner/managers do not appreciate this. 

The other issue is that some techs neglect to snap the QuickPics that their managers want them to snap.  In consequence, you end up not having the pictures you want. 

There is now a new section of checkboxes in SD-MobileLink:

If you read the titles in that new section, the meanings are pretty self-explanatory, but we'll nevertheless show you precisely what results from the technician's perspective. 

With the first of the new checkboxes checked, when a tech goes to click on his UIS-yes-I-have-verified-accuracy button, he'll get this in response:

With the second of the new checkboxes checked, when a tech clicks to submit his completed PVR, he'll get this:

If you've had any trouble otherwise, we hope this pairing of features will help you more consistently get the results from your techs that you seek.

New Protection Against Unintended PartProcess And Inventory Actions

The scenario is this. 

A tech uses his Mobile interface to indicate the parts he intends to use on the needed repair (and regardless of whether such parts will be used form stock or special-ordered).  He prepares a ticket with such items and his labor listed, so as to quote the customer.  The customer is not sure she wishes to proceed, so the tech prints or emails her a copy of the proposed ticke.  Because it is only proposed, he checks the box that causes it to print in the "Estimate Only" format.  Then, he prepares a new ticket to actually charge just for the work he's actually done (e.g., service call, diagnosis and quote).  He collects from the customer and prints or emails this real ticket to her, then submits his PVR. 

But there's a problem.  To make the real ticket, the tech likely pulled parts listings (of items that were only proposed to be used) from the earlier ticket setup.  He may not have similarly pulled those listings from the PVR page, where they actually have operational effect.  If he neglected to so pull and submitted with the listings still there, the underlying mechanisms end up thinking they are real.  So, the system does actual pulls from inventory for items that were so listed.  It likely puts into the PartsProcess system any items that were listed for special-order.  Needless to say, this causes havoc within ServiceDesk's part management systems. 

We're hoping to make this kind of oversight far less likely. 

How it works is, after the tech has printed or emailed any ticket and with the "Estimate Only" checkbox selected, the system will display this message:

With any user choice, the system will do exactly as indicated.   

Fixed Fault that May be Keeping Your Customers From Receiving Invitation to Check JobStatus Online

I botched a little fix.  We had a client who checked the option as seen here:

in spite of the fact they were not setup with SD-CyberOffice, which the feature in fact depends on.  So, I added some program code that was designed to do a quick behind-the-scenes look, when any user checks the box, to assure there is indeed a setup for SD-CyberOffice (and, if not, to inform there is no purpose in so checking absent the setup, and then automatically un-check).  Unfortunately, though my code worked fine for where there is no such setup (the scenario for which I directly tested), I somehow neglected to test otherwise, and in fact it caused an error where you have an SD-CyberOffice setup -- plus it removes your check from the checkbox. 

For this reason, you may find that presently your SD-MobileLink has this feature un-checked, even if you wish for it to be checked.  With this release, the fault will no longer occur.  If you want it, please check the box again, and now it should stay checked.