Designation of Triage Desk

Hopefully, you're aware of the great and fantastic "Triage" website that we introduced a bit more than a year ago (triage.rossware.net). Lots of people have found this to be a wonderful resource.

Part of how this particular triage system works is, when a person that's conducting triage indicates that one or more parts should be taken along when a tech goes out for an upcoming visit, the system creates a SD-Mail -- describing that indication -- for a person in the office to act upon. Our design has been that these SD-Mails go to the same person that's otherwise designated, within SD-MobileLink, for receiving alerts regarding any issues it encounters.

A few users wanted these SD-Mails to go to a different person. It makes sense. After all, it's the person who manages parts that you likely want to have receive these SD-Mails. If yours is an operation of significant size, that is likely a different person than the one who should receive alerts otherwise.

This release lets you specifically designate that person:

On Serial, Tech Can Type "NotAvailable" to Auto-Generate PseudoNumber Back in SD

No picture needed for this.

If the tech has a ModelNumber and/or other UIS info and wants to provide it, but can't obtain a useable SerialNumber, he or she can simply type "NotAvailable" within the SerialNumber box. When SD-Mobile processes the item, it will create a UnitInfoSheet, using a unique pseudo-number in place of the SerialNumber.