MAGIC . . . Triage, Diagnostics and More

We introduced this into ServiceDesk a month ago.

It's big!

It's really, really big.

Called MPH-Diagnostics, it's a new system that allows your company to combine such intelligence as is involved with its repair experience with similar experience involving hundreds of other repair companies, all across North America.

Thus, you are in a customer's home, working on an appliance that bears a particular model number. You already have that model number in your SD-Mobile interface. With this as the case, you may now -- and, all but instantly -- see what parts have been used on that model, with what frequency, associated with what symptoms, so on and etc. -- not just as involved with work by your company, but, indeed, as involved with work by all those servicers across the Continent.

It's the most powerful diagnostic and triage tool ever made.

It can even be used as a form of parts lookup, for it shows the most used part numbers on that model. Since they are the most used, its very likely that the very part that you need is going to be listed there.

When introducing this feature into ServiceDesk, we provided an in-depth description here.

The usage-side interface is exactly the same in SD-Mobile, but is accessed via a different route (has to be, obviously, because the ServiceDesk route of access simply does not exist in SD-Mobile).

Specifically, on the JobDetails page within SD-Mobile, click on this new button:

You'll see a set of options that look like this (albeit we have added a little markup to emphasize the option of present description):

It's the first option (as seen above) that produces this amazing new magic. Again, see this entry (as made in the ServiceDesk WorkDiary) for more details.

As you read the more in-depth description that is above-referenced (in particular, regarding introduction of the feature into ServiceDesk), you'll see that when you're viewing the MPH-Diagnostic-provided parts listings in that context, there is provision whereby you may link from any such listing to operational functions within ServiceDesk (i.e., to create an internal part order, to check inventory, to tag a part from inventory, etc.). Please be aware there are similar operational links in the Mobile context. In particular, if you click on any line item, you'll see a set of options like this:

Thus, it is amazingly easy to proceed onward, in making use of such listings as you see in the display.

Other New Model-Based Lookups

While in the process of adding in the above-described magic (and of needing to create a path by which to access it), it occurred to us  we should have long ago added some other model-lookup connected tools -- in particular, tools that have long existed within ServiceDesk back at the office, but had not yet been brought into the SD-Mobile environment. So, we took the occasion to do that as well. It's why there are some other options, in the same new dialog box from which the new, MPH-Diagnostics feature is accessed (as emphasized here):

The first two above-emphasized options will direct-link you to two different types of entitlement/history lookups that go to ServiceBench. The last option, obviously, connects you into the Whirlpool ServiceMatters website (credentials are required). All of these automatically pass-through any such model number as is already in your job setup.