Technician-specific settings now available for controlling technician duties and rights

Over the years, SD-Mobile has accumulated a plethora of options whereby a manager may, according to preference, specify a bunch of different elements of interaction that govern what the company's techs can and/or must do within the Mobile environment.  These options are all set from within a particular section of the SD-MobileLink program, as shown here:

A particular thing to note about such settings, as shown above, is that whatever is set by the manager is going to apply to each and every technician in the company.  There is no ability, for example, to turn on PVR enforcement for one or more technicians that particularly need it, while leaving that disciplinary feature turned off for technicians that need no such discipline. 

Now we've changed that.

Now the company manager may, optionally, choose each of these setting uniquely, for each tech. Since such work is done from within ServiceDesk itself, the method and details are more fully described in this SD-WorkDiary entry.