RosswarePay Now Live in Windows ! ! ! !

What is RosswarePay?

It's Rossware's own and totally-integrated payment gateway.

It offers your company a one-stop shop.

There is no longer need make a separate merchant ccount with a third-party like TSYS or Altiras, so as to operate Rossware's Virtual Terminal. Instead, your credit card processing can be done for you by Rossware.

RosswarePay is perfectly PCI compliant. Neither the software nor operator ever need to touch raw credit card data.

It has in fact been live for about the past month in the iOS (Apple) and Android versions of SD-Mobile. Now it is likewise live in ServiceDesk and in the Windows version of SD-Mobile.

Presently, RosswarePay offers integrated:

  • Online bill pay
  • Keyed transactions (with completion via online interface, preferably by the customer, but potentially by direct user input as well)
  • Reader-based transactions, which allow for input via swipe, EMV chip, contactless, Apple-Pay or Android-Pay

For reader-based transactions, we've presently created setups that allow you to use either of these devices:

(Please note we've not yet enabled the Bluetooth mode of communication on the tDyanmo in the Windows Virtual Terminal; depending on demand, that may or may not be coming)

In the near future, we'll add the following enhancements (among others):

  • Tokenization (allows for encrypted online storage of credit card information for repeated re-use with no need for re-input or repeated access to card)
  • Optional inclusion of tips (technicians will love this)
  • Direct deposit of checks by check image
  • Integration with an added array of readers, including cloud readers, which instantly solve all issues connected with using readers in a virtual or RDP environment
  • Availability to Canadian clients (who have for too long been left out in the cold on integrated processing)

If your company has not yet onboarded your business for RosswarePay, here is a link.