Expansion of Third-Party-Lookup Links on PartNumbers and ModelNumbers

Prior to now, if you clicked on either of the the two "Model Inquiry Options" buttons (there is one one the JobDetails page and one on the PVR page), you'd see this:

Now you'll see this expanded set of options:

Similarly, prior to now if you did an Alt/Rt-Click on a part number in any of the parts-listing grids on the PVR page, you'd get this:

Again, we have expanded in the set of options that are offered:

Please especially notice the CoreCentricSolutions option, for that is a source that can rebuild NLA parts, or provide remanufactured parts at a fraction of the cost as compared to new

If you're curious, it was realized in regard to these option sets that there were some offered in ServiceDesk but not from within SD-Mobile, and vice versa. With this and the current release of ServiceDesk, both environments now offer the same set of third-party model/serial-and/or-partnumber-based connection options.