2.1.54 SDM

Second Generation Bluebook Job-Cart Import

Our original integration with the Bluebook solution (as offered by Service Company Solutions (SCS)) used a strategy whereby Bluebook data was downloaded into SD-Mobile, and used directly in a fashion quite similar to if you were otherwise using your own flat-rate setup.

By and by, SCS developed a method whereby a service ticket can be online-composed via their own web interface, and in a manner that's optimized for customer presentation. With such a composition already-created online, it would be silly if the details had to be re-composed within SD-Mobile. For such reason, we developed a feature in SD-Mobile by which you may import from the SCS "Job-Cart" a ticket setup that's been composed there.

For a long time, you were permitted to use either this method of integration, or the original one, according to preference of the moment.

More recently, SCS developed an improved online interface for composing tickets, along with an improved method by which ticket information can be downloaded into SD-Mobile, with better and more specificity of ticket data (simultaneously, SCS disabled the original integration method).

This release harnesses SCS improved online interface and download. It very substantially improves as compared to the old job-cart import. We also realized the color of the button that's used to invoke the import, sensibly, should have been blue -- as indeed it now is: