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A reader may think this entry should be in the SD-Mobile WorkDiary, since it directly pertains to that system.  However, ServiceDesk is in fact place where these new settings capabilities will be managed, so it makes very good sense to describe the new wherewithal here (don't worry; we'll also mention it in the SD-Mobile WorkDiary). 

For context, over the years the SD-Mobile system has accumulated a plethora of options whereby a manager may, according to preference, specify a bunch of different elements of interaction that govern what the company's techs can and/or must do within the Mobile environment.  These options are all set from within a particular section of the SD-MobileLink program, as shown here:

A particular thing to note about such settings, as shown above, is that whatever is set by the manager is going to apply to each and every technician in the company.  There is no ability, for example, to turn on PVR enforcement for one or more technicians that particularly need it, while leaving that disciplinary feature turned off for technicians that need no such discipline. 

Now we have now changed that. 

In particular, please go into the ServiceDesk Settings form (Ctrl-F1 is the shortcut) and click on any particular technician's name (within the roster of technicians) so as to expose that tech's Properties window.  Upon so doing, you'll see there is  a new button in the section of the Properties window that pertains to SD-Mobile usage:

Now, please click on the new button as shown above, and you'll see this new interface:

As you can see, the main body in this new interface looks very much like that section as above shown from within SD-MobileLink, and you have the option, in regard to any particular tech, of deferring to such general settings as are there specified, or to set specially and specifically for the selected technician (if you switch to that option, all "borrowed-from-SD-MobileLink" options become enabled so that you can set per specific preference). 

If you're wondering, yes, if set with the first option this interface will display with such settings as you have specified in SD-MobileLink.  If changing to set specially for a particular tech, it will first show with those same settings, and you can change from there as desired. 


  1. If your settings in SD-MobileLink are other than original/standard default, the "defer-to-standard" mode in this new interface will not show your particular general settings until and unless you have updated SD-MobileLink to Ver. 2.0.86 or above, and allowed it to cycle at least once (otherwise it will show original/standard defaults). 
  2. You must likewise have your SD-MobileLink updated to Ver. 2.0.86 or above in order for it to see any such particular-to-tech settings as you have created, and for it to port this information outward to each involved tech's system. 
  3. For techs using the Windows version of SD-Mobile (aka SDM-w), they must be updated to Ver. 2.1.8 or above (older versions are not coded to get and use the new and specialized information). 
  4. For techs using the iOS version of SD-Mobile (aka SDM-i), we are still working to upgrade some background processes that will enable their interfaces to get and use the new information (ETA on that is later this week).