Disclaimers May Now Be Made Selectively Mandatory

Some of our clients have wanted assistance in making sure their techs collect signed disclaimers in each instance of expectation.  In other words:

"That darned John, I've yelled at him a thousand times, telling him he must collect a signed disclaimer in this circumstance, and he's still not doing it!" 

To be clear, at Rossware we do not believe it's reasonable for our software to be depended on, as a complete and utter substitute, for your own company's training and discipline of its technical team.  However, we believe where practical it can certainly be a robust supplement.  We believe this is such a case. 

Thus, there is now a mechanism whereby you can make any of your particular disclaimers mandatory (i.e,. the Mobile interface requires your technician to have the customer sign).  You can make a disclaimer mandatory for all jobs, or selectively for jobs that involve particular machine types.  Instructions are contained in a footnote within the SD-Mobile Handbook (it's possible in the future the location of this footnote will change, but presently it's footnote 11 at the bottom of page 15):

Now You Can See each Job's Origin-Desk and Origin-Date

I'm surprised we've not provided this piece of information from the beginning.  It's there now:


Improved Reaction When You Book Your Own Return Visit, and Request a Second Man

It was an oversight.  We added functionality a while back for requesting a second man on the next appointment.  That functionality works superbly if you, as a tech, have not booked your own next appointment.  If, however, you do your own booking, it was not working so well.  The reason is because the mechanism depended on the action of an office person booking your next appointment.  This action triggered a prompt to add-on an appointment for your helper.  Absent this action by an office person (which, naturally, does not occur where you've already booked your own return), there was no occasion for that prompt. 

Now the system looks to see if: (a) you've booked your own return; and (b) you've requested a helper.  If both are true, SD-MobileLink does NOT create the sticky-note, that it otherwise would to serve as the mechanism that tells ServiceDesk a helping appointment needs made when an office person books the primary return.  Instead, it creates an SD-Mail to alert an office person to create the helping appointment for you.