Improved Reaction When Using (But Not Depleting) "SU" Supply Items

In May we announced that we'd finally added proper treatment for when a tech indicates he's used an inventory item that's designated in the office for quantity of "SU" -- which means it's a supply item (e.g., roll of tape, jug of freon, etc.).  In other words, the tech may want to put in an indication of use on the customer's ticket, but it doesn't mean he's necessarily used up his supply and needs restock.  Thus, when he indicates use of such an item a dialog now asks if he's actually used up his supply, or just used some of it. 

It turns we did not think through the system's reaction as well as we should have. 

In particular, we'd coded so that if he indicates he did not use up his supply, the item did not insert to the ticket.  This was contrary to need, for the tech's very reason for selecting the item is so it (and a fee for it) will insert to the ticket. 

Now it's changed.  When the tech indicates he did not use up his supply, it inserts to the ticket regardless.  However, it insert in a manner that allows the system to know it should refrain from decrementing the tech's quantity of stock.