New "Get Driving Directions to Next Job" Feature

We've long had a feature whereby you can load your entire day's route into MapPoint, GoogleMaps or BingMaps.  The iOS side of Mobile has likewise had a feature (this is one where it was ahead of the Windows side) where you can driving directions, specifically, from where you are to your next job.  We've now added that feature into the Windows side of SD-Mobile.  It's on the JobDetails page, as seen here:

Just click to get your instructions.  You'll see there is a dialog to ask your current location, and it will default to show the prior job (or what you have set as beginning node, if you've asked for directions to your first job).  If the default as offered in the dialog is correct, you may just hit Enter to accept it.

We hope you like this feature. 


Warning to Retrieve Part that May be Under Parts-Return Warranty

If you replaced a part and it fails during the warranty period (and you're back again on a replacement call), it's obvious you need to retrieve the failed part, so it can be returned to the vendor for warranty credit.  But, what if you fail to realize this need.  We've added a reminder to help you:

This reminder is potentially triggered each time you indicate use of a part. At any such, point the system will (from behind-the-scenes) look at the cumulative machine history (which, of course, is a compilation from the individual narratives of each job that's attached to the same UIS as is the present job). Based on reviewing this narrative, the system looks to see if there is indication of the same part having prior been used. If it finds this is indeed the case, it will interdict with a message similar to as above-shown.

Presently, this mechanism is only coded to work in regard to parts that were prior-used from stocking inventory.