SDM Ver. 2.1.29, SDML Ver. 2.0.113

SMS-TextMessaging as Alternate Method for Sending E-Tickets

We didn't realize we'd overlooked this.

It stems from the  fact that in today's world many people are active in SMS-texting, yet pay little attention to emails.

With that as background, it's likely that long ago we should have added SMS-texting as a method, alternate to email, by which to send your customer his or her invoice.

Honestly, no one had requested that option, and we simply had not thought of the sensibility for it on our own.

Thus, once the matter came to our attention, we were quick to implement.

Now, when you click on the button to send the invoice "From Office," the dialog which immediately appears will no longer look like this:

It will instead look like this:

Thus, you are invited to put in a telephone number or email address, depending on in which mode your customer indicates a preference for receiving the invoice (the box will will still by default fill-in the email address if one is provided in the underlying JobRecord, so, if the customer indicates a preference for texting, you may simply replace that with a telephone number).

It's important that you update SD-MobileLink to the current release or newer, before using this new texting option in SD-Mobile. Only the current release and forward are designed to handle the texting option in this context.

Another difference on the SD-MobileLink side is that, if you've provided a telephone number for texting as opposed to an email address for emailing, it's not just the e-ticket that will be sent via the alternate means. If you are using the survey system, the follow-on invitation to survey will obey the same prescription (i.e., if you've requested for the e-ticket to be sent via texting, the follow-on invitation to survey will go via the same prescription).

In regard to this latter, we believe it may significantly improve the rate at which people participate in those surveys, and in any such invitations-to-post-to-public sites as you may have arranged to work in conjunction thereto (more and much bigger improvements on this last are coming soon).