Search in Inventory Listings on Basis of Part Description

This has been an available feature within ServiceDesk itself since, well, day one.  In SD-Mobile, as-you-type searching was -- until now -- based solely on partnumber.  Now you can just type the description, and see as matches appear:


Proper Treatment of "Supply" Items When Usage is Indicated

In any technician's inventory there are typically items that are only used a portion at a time, e.g., a roll of tubing, a jug of refrigerant, a box of screws, etc.  If a tech in his PVR indicates using some of any such item on a job, there is an important question: did he use so much that he now needs a new roll or jug or box, or is his supply of this item still sufficient for now? 

ServiceDesk has long had an elegant mode for dealing with this situation.  For any item of this character, its restock point should be designated within the MasterPartsPlan as "SU" -- which signifies it as a "Supply" item.  When in a PVR it's indicated that such an item  was used, a dialog invokes that says, essentially: "Hey, that's a supply item; was so much used that a new supply is needed, or is the tech still good for now?"

Again, ServiceDesk has long had that solution for its PVRs (i.e., those performed internally to it).  Turns out we forgot to add that sophistication into SD-Mobile.  It's there now. 

Specify "Second Man Needed" for Next Visit

We put in a checkbox for this purpose a long while back, but did not make it active.  Now it actually works:


If you check it, the system will create an AttentionNote in the underlying JobRecord back in ServiceDesk, telling the office person that, upon re-scheduling, a second-man needs to be included. 

Tax-Scheme Layer-5 Now Incorporated into SD-Mobile

ServiceDesk offers a series of schemes for managing sales tax rates as may be applicable within different segments wherein a service company works.  These strategies range from very simple (specifying a labor and materials rate as across the board) to rather more complex.  The top/most-complex level we call Layer-5.  Until now, a JobRecord could be assigned a Tax Scheme within the office under Layer-5, but the information did not reach into SD-Mobile.  Now it does.